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Who We Are

Chhattisgarh Help Welfare Society is an NGO operating in Chhattisgarh since 4 years/for more than 4 years. Our work in various domains has positively made positive impact on more than 1 lakh people across Chhattisgarh.

The NGO works in following domains

  • Health (SwasthyaSewa) – From awareness sessions to guiding for treatment to arranging transport and money for needy patients.
  • Education (ShikshaSewa) – Free tuitions for needy students and free hostel facility for tribal students, arranging books and other requirements for underprivileged students, career counseling.
  • Women Empowerment–Helping needy women being self-reliant.
  • Blood Donation (RaktSewa) – Arranging blood for regular patients of Thalassemia, Sickle Cell and for emergencies like accident, delivery patiens.
  • Hunger Free Chhattisgarh (Chai Sewa, Annapurna BhojSewa, DoodhSewa, Roti Bank) – Morning tea and evening meal for attenders of patients in District Hospital, Korba. Milk distribution to kids and delivery patients in District Hospital, Korba. Meal distribution to people begging on roadside twice a day.
  • Destitute Free Chhattisgarh (ApnaGharSewa Ashram) – A home for the homeless.
  • Differently-abled Empowerment (DivyangjanSewa) – Helping the differently abled people become independent.
  • Last Rights of Destitutes (AntyeshtiSewa) – Performing last rights of unknown bodies.
  • Serving the Elderly (VridhjanSewa) – Assisting needy elderly people
  • Financial Independence of Youth (SwavlambanSewa) – Guiding deserving artisans towards self-employment.
  • Serving Animals (JeevSewa, Serving the cows, Gauthan) – Treatment of wounded/sick cows, last rights of dead animals. Providing shelter to cows and promoting employment through selling products made of cow dung etc.
  • Tribal Empowerment (AdiwasiUtthan) – Working towards better life of tribals.
  • Helping the needy (AsahayjanSewa) – Supporting underprivileged/needy/poor/lonely people
  • Sewa Hospital – Low cost hospital facilities
  • Baby Kit–Kit containing shirt, diaper, small quilt to babies born in District Hospital, Korba and Raipur
  • De-addiction campaign – Awareness sessions for youth.
  • Mobile Medical Unit – Used for medical checkups in rural area, transporting patients to other cities.
  • Free Medical Camps – Medical camps for rural citizens.
  • Farmer Empowerment (KisanUtthan) – Training and helping farmers in latest methods of farming.
  • Bharat MeriZimmedari – Recognizing the efforts of all citizens who are contributing in upliftment of others in any way.
  • Clothes distribution – Collecting clothes and distributing to needy.

The NGO volunteers are passion driven youth who firmly believe that instead of cribbing about the problems in society and blaming the Government, we ourselves can find ways to resolve the problems and contribute towards betterment of the society and nation.

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