About Us


Chhattisgarh Help Welfare Society is determined to serve any needy person across India, in whatever way possible.


Chhattisgarh Help Welfare Society’s vision is to create a future full of hope, opportunities, fulfilled dreams for India and it’s citizens.

Our President

Rana Mukherjee, a passionate, dedicated young man who literally eats, sleeps, dreams and lives patriotism, is the founder of Chhattisgarh Help Welfare Society.

He is from a typical middle class Indian family from a small town Korba in Chhattisgarh state, who had dream of graduating as an engineer and secure a good job for himself, which he fulfilled soon. But divine had better plans for him. Once, for donating blood to a needy patient, he visited a government hospital and the experience there changed his life entirely. The reality of healthcare facilities stirred something inside him. He decided to quit his job and work towards betterment of society. This decision was not easy one for him because his family was obviously not happy with it and he himself had no clarity where to begin.

The work was started by arranging blood for needy patients in Korba. Slowly he kept on identifying problems in various systems in society and figured out ways to tackle them at local level. The NGO that was started because of madness (Yes, That’s what you need) of one person now operates in more than 20 domains, not just in Korba but across Chhattisgarh and has more than 50 enthusiastic and devoted volunteers, most of whom are very young.


Although the start of the NGO was not a planned one, the journey has been a systematic one. During the work of blood donation, we came across another problem of unavailability of food for relatives accompanying the patients to District Hospital, Korba and Annapurna BhojSewa started. Our NGO is providing evening meal for patients’ attenders since more than 3.5 years, without break of even one day. Chai sewa started then for attenders, this is the time to bond with them, know their difficulties and help them access best treatment guidance.

Our services in other domains started when we found some lacunas in existing way of work in the society and we are currently serving the nation by operating in more than 20 domains.

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